Saturday, April 11, 2009

Countdown to Comps Continues!

Wow, that's a nice, alliterative title!

I am now 15 days away from my first day of comps. Thus far I have committed two questions to memory: Israelite Origins and Ethnicity, and the Tenth Century Debate. Pentateuch history of scholarship is up next, to be followed by Psalms, OT theology, and Former and Latter Prophets. NT I hope to get to next week!

Let's hope I can keep this material all in my mind. I trust it will go well, but I'd be lying if I said I was looking forward to a week's worth of exams!

I have yet to have any dreams (that I remember) relating to the tests . . . although I did have one several months ago where I took the exams for some reason in a nice convenience store, and I was able to come out, get coffee, snacks, etc. at my leisure. It was nice and relaxed. Let's hope that dream becomes a reality (at least the nice and relaxed part).

Keep on a'praying for me!


  1. The morning of my first comp, my computer decided to start acting up. I ran into the suite and quickly borrowed a friend's laptop to use for the day. That was a close one. I worked out a deal to use his computer for the others as well, and that summer as I was beginning the diss research I treated myself to a new laptop.

    One other quick story. A couple of years after comps, my friend Frank Yamada was playing in a competitive intra-mural basketball game at Princeton Theological (probably against the faculty; they were cut-throat in the paint). He got elbowed in the head and spent a moment blacked out on the ground. He said that his first thought upon waking up was, "I passed comps."

    Blessings in your preparation!

  2. A couple of hours into my first exam, the outlet into which I had plugged my (borrowed) laptop began to smoke and sizzle. I couldn't find anyone to book me a different exam room, and then the laptop's battery threatened to die before I could finish and print. Then I did get a new room and had to move all my stuff. In all, I must have lost over an hour of time as well as being distracted and frazzled.

    So, I worked out the sloppy parts at the oral. :^) Expect the unexpected and try to have fun.

  3. Wow, the horror stories keep rolling in. Hopefully nothing of the sort happens to me. There will be about 9 of us taking prelims at the same time, in the same area . . . so I trust any malfunctions will be prompty taken care of!