Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Professor Anderson . . . has a nice sound to it

I am pleased to announce I have been asked to teach a section of introduction to Christian Scriptures to roughly 60 or so Baylor freshmen in the Fall semester. So now, not only will my summer be taken up by a great many tasks--helping Dr. Bellinger edit and finish his two Psalms books that are forthcoming; writing a dissertation proposal, prospectus, and opening chapter; submitting my Matthew 8:5-13 paper for publication; and job hunting--I can now also add writing lectures and designing my own unique course to the list! Within the next week I plan to make my textbook decision(s); I think I have a fair idea already of what I will do. I am very much looking forward to it!


  1. Awesome! Let us know what books you choose. You know how to get review copies, don't you? That's the sweetest deal in academia.

  2. Bryan:

    It should be a blast! I should clarify, though. I have NOT been hired by Baylor; this is something certain Ph.D. candidates get to do at Baylor if asked. I will still be on the job hunt for any ABD positions that are out there. Please keep me in mind if something comes to your attention (especially something close to the midwest!).

    In terms of books, the religion department gives three choices for textbooks. They are:

    *Bartholomew and Goheen, The Drama of Scripture
    *Harris, Understanding the Bible
    *Hauer and Young, Introduction to the Bible: A Journey into Three Worlds

    I am not a big fan of The Drama of Scripture for a variety of reasons. I have yet to look over Hauer and Young, but I am planning to use Harris. The Bible I will assign will also be the NOAB, so there will be relevant articles in there for them to read as well. I am still going back and forth on writing assignments, etc. I have to maintain some level of sanity!

    And yes, desk copies are a wonderful thing. I am submitting my book choices to the religion department and they will get them for me and put them in my box . . . how cool is that? (ok, maybe not so cool to you, but it is to me!).

  3. Congratulations, John! That's really awesome!

  4. Great stuff, congratulations!

  5. It's definitely cool to get free books, no matter who you are. I just received a copy of Harris' new Exploring the Bible. I'm glad to see he's trimming things down these days. Understanding the Bible is much too long to use in a single course (without leaving a bunch of it out, of course, but that defeats the point).

    Also, if you see Joe Coker around, tell him I said hello. He's a dear friend from PTS.