Friday, April 3, 2009

Emailing with Brueggemann

I have recently had the good fortune of having a brief yet encouraging email correspondence with Walter Brueggemann. At the most recent SBL in Boston I spoke with him at the Hendrickson reception, where I expressed my thanks and appreciation to him for his work; he was also quite affirming of my dissertation topic.

Our email conversation echoed the encouragement of our SBL discussion. I am also quite excited that he has expressed enough interest in my work to ask that I send him a copy of my forthcoming article, which I have done. I look forward (hopefully) to his thoughts and comments.


  1. Amazing! Are you aspiring to inquire as to whether he might be willing to be your external reader? :)

    Also, I have a random blog question can you email me? recoverallbook at gmail. Thanks!

  2. You know, Rob, that never even crossed my mind. How great would that be?

    Alas, though, I trust Dr. Brueggemann is quite the busy--and retired--man. I am hopeful, though, that he finds my article engaging, persuasive, and worthwhile (if he doesn't, expect never to see or hear from me again!). Maybe I will be fortunate enough to have him cite me in some of his work. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

  3. John,
    Congrats! And by the way, what does your Brueggemann-affirmed dissertation topic pertain to?

  4. The topic, in a nutshell, is looking at the texts of deception in the Jacob cycle (Gen 25-36) from a theological perspective. That is, asking the question: what about God in all of this?

    You can read some of the posts below and get further specificity. My forthcoming article will also be posted on the blog here when it formally comes out in print.