Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Countdown to Comps!


The countdown is on! In a mere 26 days I will be experiencing my first of three days of comprehensive exams (here at Baylor we call them prelims, short for preliminary exams one must take prior to beginning the dissertation).

Each of the three days will consist of five hours of churning out more writing in a short period of time than I will probably ever be able to do again. The schedule looks like this:

Day one:
Hebrew translation
History/archaeology question
Former prophets question

Day two:
Pentateuch question
OT theology question
Latter prophets question
Writings question

Day three:
Three NT questions out of eleven possibilities.

I am finished, save for a few loose ends, with the OT material. I have about 5 NT questions left to prepare; I plan to have NT done by the early part of next week. At present I am wrapping up a question on pseudonymous authorship in the NT, and will be moving on to NT theology and a question on Paul's "center" (like that exists!!!!) next.
Your thoughtful, honest (though not imprecatory!) prayers are welcome and appreciated!
All the best!



  1. Congratulations! I'll be praying for you John!

  2. Congrats! "I will pray to the Lord of the Spirits that you would be vindicated by 'that Son of Man' in the day the righteous one is revealed and the wicked are cast down" - Enoch